Oct 29, 2010

Thriller Flashback

Two years ago, when I was a cheer coach and thus had to plan all the pep rallies, I organized this teacher dance. Seeing as it is appropriate for Halloween coming up, I thought I would remenisce a little and share the dance with you! We had so much fun (it was our 2nd annual teacher dance) even though it was kind of a pain leading up to it. I put the dance together (after watching the Thriller video of course!), taught the teachers, etc. It was annoying trying to get a bunch of busy teachers together to practice and it was making me miss cheer practice with my girls. But the end result was perfect and the kids loved it! I am in the front in the middle by the W...you know...the one who was EIGHT months preggo!! :)

Here is a pic of me (on the left) with my assistant coach, Coach R. She had her make up done by the theater teacher which is why she looks WAY better than me!

Ahhh...memories...these are the fun things I miss about teaching. :)

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  1. So fun! And now being 30 weeks pregnant I can't imagine doing that. :) Impressive!

  2. That was awesome!! (I totally just found out today you had a blog, shame on you! lol)

  3. That was awesome - what a great group of teachers! I have to go back and watch it again:)


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