Nov 3, 2010


Well, guys, I have some bad news. At least, it is bad news to someone who is addicted to blogging such as myself. I have to send my computer off to be fixed. They say it will take two weeks to fix which we all know is code for two months. So I will be sans-computer for a little while. I can check stuff online with my hubby's ipod, but typing and posting will be basically not happening for a little while. Since I know you guys are usually on the edge of your seat waiting for a post from good ol' lil Mop Top (haha! yeah right!), you will have to just take a deep breath and hold back the tears.

Or you might be jumping up and down at the thought of not seeing me post for a while! And if you are one of those people...ummm...why are you reading my blog then? hmmm?

Just so you don't think I am gone forever, I am trying to get some super cool people to guest post while I am gone. (those people might just be my sisters who I can trust to take over my blog!!) And maybe my sweet mom will let me use her computer in exchange for a visit from her favorite grandsons. :)

See you soon and maybe this is all a blessing in disguise. I mean, I might have time to clean the house now! :)

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