Oct 4, 2013

Bra Burn

Last Friday was my last time to nurse a baby...for the REST OF MY LIFE! While I am a little sad, I know had a good 9 month run with this sweet baby, and I am mostly excited to not wear those ugly, uncomfortable nursing bras! I nursed three babies and in all that time I could not find nursing bras to fit me and have any kind of support for larger boobs. So, I am about to do a big ol' Bra Burn. Anyone want to join me?!

My husband took this picture of me on one of the last 'daytime' nursings a couple weeks ago. I love it!

Sidenote- to any nursing moms out there- don't let this picture fool you. I usually wear a nursing tank top around the house since it is so hot in Texas so Brad had to bring up a shirt for me to put on before the picture. I also usually am catching up on facebook on my phone or looking on the ipad. There is only so much 'bonding' and 'gazing at the baby' I can handle...and that period of time ended about 8.5 months ago. Right about about the time T-Bone wanted to nurse every 2-3 hours and I decided flipping through Pinterest was more entertaining than watching a baby nurse for 30 minutes. However, Thomas was the funniest and went through a phase of grabbing my face and neck while he nursed. He just liked to hold on which was cute until he started pinching my throat- that was awkward. :)

I saw a post on Pinterest about getting fitted for a bra. I thought I would give this measuring a try because I am super busty and would love a great fitting bra. After using her guide, I went shopping and found that it was a pretty accurate way of measuring. I used to think I was a 38DD or even a 38DDD. However, I am actually a 34G! Holy Canoli! Thankfully Soma had a great bra for big boobed gals like myself and I am in bra heaven. I have never felt so lifted and supported!

So, if you want to join me in the nursing bra burn, follow the smoke to my backyard!!

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Oct 1, 2013

Curtain Rod Trick

I am almost done with my formal living room and am so excited to share how it is turning out! Today will be a little sneak peek at how I modified some store-bought curtain rods.

The window in the room is a bay window of sorts. Of course, it isn't a normal bay window that I could easily find a curtain rod. It has an extra set of walls, if that makes any sense at all! My fabulous designer (my sister who you can find on facebook HERE) said I just needed two panels for the window treatments. So I found some reasonably priced panels online at West Elm.

When it was time to hang the curtains, we bought a gold-ish rod from Home Depot and some plastic tubing from the plumbing section. Brad measured the lengths we needed and cut the rods to size. To connect the two pieces so they would make the bend for the bay window, he put a piece of plastic tubing in each rod.

 No measuring for the angles needed!

I like to make sure Brad knows that I 'saved' us tons of money by modifying the rods ourselves. Let's not think about the fact that I am saving us money by not buying more expensive panels or custom rods. It just sounds better when I say to Brad 'I saved us money on this purchase!'.

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