About Me

Welcome! My name is Jen and I am so excited you stopped by my blog! I am a wife to a wonderful man named Brad and we have three wonderful sons: John, Matthew, and Thomas. I taught high school math for the eight years and am so excited to be at home with my babies! I love to be creative...even if the end product doesn't turn out exactly as I thought it would. I love having this blog so I can share ideas, document some of my life with my favorite people, and continue to teach others in a new way!

Why lil Mop Top? Well, being that I have super curly hair, my loving husband turned to me one night (after a few adult beverages) and said 'Can I or can I not turn you upside down and use your head as a mop?'. It is like he is Shakespeare or something! So, my first blog was called Mop Top 3.0. When I started this blog, it was leaning towards baby crafts so I called it lil Mop Top.

What in the world can you find on this blog?! I share my crafty ideas, tutorials, homeschooling adventures, and some random family stuff. I love trying new things and love sharing how I did it. I love to find creative and educational activities to do with the boys and luckily they LOVE doing the activities! Going upstairs to do 'school stuff' is always fun for them which makes me so happy to plan learning activities for them. Hopefully you can find some ideas here on my blog that can be modified to work for your kiddos, too!

I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts! Please feel free to comment or email me at any time!

{Email me at jfj8935{at}hotmail.com. }