Feb 23, 2010

Weekly Date Night- Sweets for my Sweet

For Christmas, I wanted to give Brad a creative present that was relatively inexpensive. Since we usually sit in the living room and watch TV once John goes to sleep, I decided to make a 'Weekly Date Night' jar. I found lots of ideas online for free or cheap dates, most of which we could do at home when John was sleeping. Every Sunday since Christmas we have picked a date and set a day that week to hang out with each other. I am going to start posting each week what our date was so you can be inspired to spend time with your loved ones too!

Last week our date was to make 'huge, crazy, yummy sundaes'. We happened to have the single serving cups of Blue Bell ice cream (awesome and no need to go to the store!!) so we each had two cups of ice cream topped with goodies. Easy and delcious!

{I promise I don't have two lazy eyes...I was looking at the digital screen on the camera while Brad was taking the picture! hahah!}

Feb 18, 2010

Fancy Boy!

I wanted to make John a Valentine's Day shirt, but Brad kept shooting down all my ideas for what to 'write' on the front of the shirt. So I decided to make a simple tie t-shirt. It was an incredibly easy project and turned out so sweet. He got lots of compliments from family and friends on his festive holiday shirt!

Even a novice crafter can handle this type of project!