Oct 6, 2010

Baby Announcement #2

Brad loves the movie Jaws. When I was pregnant with John I loved the name Brody but we had to nix it because he was a character in Jaws and people would think that is why we picked that name! Anyway...in addition to the announcements I made, Brad made his own baby announcements when each baby was born. They are super cute and perfect for their baby books!

Here is the one he made when John was born...

(a man of a few words!)

and here is the one he made when Matthew was born...

We can see his photoshop skills have improved, although he definitely left out a couple pieces of information that is usually requisite for an announcement...such as the birthdate, time, weight, full name...minor details! :)


  1. And, you aren't in the picture!!

  2. I have just come over from The Activity Mom where your Halloween matching cards are featured. This morning, I also made a set of matching Halloween cards for my daughter (using stickers, no where near as much effort as you went to).

    I have enjoyed looking at all of your creative ideas and I am your newest follower.


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