Oct 28, 2010

Halloween Shirt #2

Well, Halloween is this weekend and I never bought John a Halloween shirt! I made this one but he has only worn it once or twice. Is it just me or is it hard to match a grey shirt with shorts? (...assuming you are like me and don't have black shorts for your kid right now!) It is too hot to wear jeans, and quite frankly it is hot to wear long sleeves past 10 am!

So, I decided he need something a little snazzier for Friday when we are going to Brad's work where they have a HUGE Halloween celebration. The office is just short of shut down for most of the day as they put on skits, play games, and entertain. It is so fun! So, I had a black shirt from Walmart (still long sleeves, but oh well!) and I made a Halloween version of the 4th of July shirt.

If you kind of squint so that the white lines don't look so wavy, it is a pretty cute little shirt! I can't wait for John to wear it Friday and it is perfect because it will match Matthew's outfit which is also a black shirt.

So, which shirt do we like better? The graphic...

...or the argyle?

I can't decide which to put him in at the Halloween party on Sunday before he dons the pirate costume! I need your advice!

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  1. I vote for argyle on Sunday. B is wearing a black shirt so they'll match (somewhat). :) Both are cute!

  2. I like the graphic. (Sorry. I hope that isn't the wrong answer.) Both are cute!!

  3. I love your argyle tees! I'm going to scoop up some after Halloween deals and make these for next year. Oh, and my boys wear grey tees with kacki cargo shorts/pants. It's been the best solution I've found for what to wear with grey shirts (of which we have a lot). Its a very frat boy look.


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