Dec 8, 2013

DIY Bookplate - free download

As you are well aware, we are closing in quickly to Christmas. I have an extremely short list of presents left to buy. I will actually have to go to the stores for these last handful rather than purchasing online in my pjs. Online shopping has been wonderful this year!

One of the gifts the boys will get each Christmas and birthday without fail are books. So, I again made bookplate stickers to add to the books. I love knowing who gave each book to the boys and I think it will be really sweet when they are older. I have a feeling that there will be two things I save until I have grandkids- books (that aren't torn to pieces!) and their wooden train set. So I think it will be fun to look back at the books in 30 years with the stickers on them!

Here are a couple I have made for this year. Feel free to save these and print onto Avery name stickers to use in your own library. Enjoy!

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