Aug 19, 2014

Triangles, Diagonals, and Patterns in Composition

How is everyone doing? Hanging in there? Well, today is our last day of composition and the rest of the month will be easy breezy! Today's focus will be on adding triangles and diagonals in your photos to make a stronger composition and more interest in the photo. This may be tricky at first but really my favorite pictures just have these elements without me trying. Remember I don't do posed pictures because I don't know how to pose people and my little kiddos don't hold still for more than 2 seconds. All but one of the following examples were not 'posed' so you can see that it is possible to get the shapes in the photo without forcing it. If I get a triangle in my photo, then it is by chance, but it looks good!

Here are some examples of triangles in my photos.

Similarly, diagonals can enhance the composition of your photo. Here are two examples.

Lastly, finding patterns or repetitions can have an impact on your photos, especially if the pattern breaks in the photo. For example, in this photo I took with my camera phone (which is HORRIBLE and my pictures are always awful using it!), there is a pattern of the buckets in the playroom. John's cute little body tucked in the space breaks that pattern and gives interest to the photo.

YOUR challenge is to practice looking for triangles, diagonals, and patterns when taking photos. Share your favorites with the rest of us!

For those smarty pants among us, challenge yourself by finding as many triangles as you can in one shot. Or find triangles and diagonals in subjects you normally don't shoot (nature, architecture, pets, etc). Find triangles in the shadows. Be creative!

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