Oct 3, 2010


Have you heard of the website Teachers Pay Teachers? It is a great place for teachers to sell and find materials for their classroom. Some worksheets and activities are FREE! I have posted tons of digital files from my Algebra I, Algebra II, and Math Models classes and it gives me a little bit of extra cash that I use to buy things for the boys. You have the option of posting items for free as well so I make sure that I have several freebie items for teachers because I also just want to share some of my stuff. This site is great for homeschool teachers too! (Do you teach high school math and want to check out my files? Click here!)

So, I was trying to search by grade level and saw there was a section for 'Babies/Toddlers'. I was so excited...until I clicked on it and it was EMPTY!! What?! So, I am going to start gathering up stuff I have made and posting it to start filling up that section. I also think this would be another great way for us Tot-School-ers to share material in one place. How awesome would it be for us moms/teachers to go to one site and be able to search for activities for our little kiddos? It is completely free to post your items and you only get charged a small fee if you actually sell something. Anyone else with me here?!

I link up to these parties!


  1. Sounds good to me, but I don't have a toddler or idea!

  2. Very impressive post. I read it all and will share it with my social rotation. I enjoyed your article and plan to rewrite it on my own blog.


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