Oct 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Game Template {for older students!}

So, you know how yesterday I made up the pumpkin letters for the pumpkin patch matching game? Well, it was a modification of a game I thought of for teaching older students. I taught high school math for 8 years and this is my first year as a stay at home mom. So, my brain is still trained to think 'how could I use this in my classroom?' or 'this would a fun game to teach xyz.'. So, I made up a template for a pumpkin patch game. Teachers add in their own questions to each pumpkin (makes it quite versatile!) and post the pumpkins on the wall. Students pick a pumpkin from the 'patch' and if they answer it correctly, they get points depending on the size of the pumpkin they picked (bigger pumpkins have harder questions and are worth more points). The group who gets the most points wins! Want to check it out? Go HERE!

And yes, this is a shameless plug for myself. But, hey, it is my blog so I can do what I want! But to make up for it, how about a cute picture to look at?!

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