Jul 5, 2010

Red Week

Well, I am starting to get my act together as far as organizing activities for John. And not a moment too soon considering his brother will be arriving in less than 4 weeks! I read this post from Delicious Ambiguity today which inspired me to start planning. My goal at the beginning of the summer was to get a week's worth of activities ready each Sunday but that never once happened! So this morning before John and Brad woke up, I made up a little chart and planned my 'Red Week' for John.

Make It Monday: Paint with red ice cubes (I added food coloring to the ice tray and made colored ice cubes! John loved it!) We also took John to a waterpark today since Brad had the day off and I made sure he had on a red shirt and we pointed out anything red we saw while we were out.

Tasty Tuesday: Make applesauce from red apples. We will also use an apple to make apple prints if time!

Welcome Wednesday: We are meeting up with our playgroup at the park...haven't thought anything past that yet! :)

Tidy Up Thursday: Helping me clean up by practicing our sweeping skills! We will read the book 'The Little Mouse, The Red Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear'.

Fun Friday: Fun day with Daddy! Another undecided day! :)

So, to keep my sanity, I am going to plan what I can and not stress that I don't have something for every day. I feel like it is my first year teaching all over again- I will be happy with a couple good 'lessons' each week until I get into a better routine.

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