Jul 9, 2010

Baby Announcement Connundrum

I feel like I keep saying this, but Matthew's arrival is days away! Well, 20 days to be exact. Some days I feel like we are so close to being ready for the baby and there are moments scattered in where I think there are still a million things to do!

Obviously I am now concentrating on the most important thing...baby announcements! I want to have those made in advance so that way all I have to do is add in the details and picture, send them off to be printed and mail them off! That is what I did with John's and it was so nice to have those done ahead of time.

So, here is where I am in a bit of a pickle. John's announcement was really cute and creative:

Should I make Matthew's also cute and creative or one of the more 'sophisticated' announcements? If I did creative, I don't know what to do. It is hard to top a movie poster! :) I thought of doing something with the nautical theme but have no idea what kind of creative nautical or lake-y something I can use for an announcement.

So, what do you think? Creative to match John's or a modern/traditional announcement? Decisions decisions!!

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  1. I think go with creative. Maybe a magazine cover, something like rolling stones? Or book cover? Good luck and can't wait to hear of the new arrival!


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