Jul 11, 2010

'Letter C' Week

This week's theme will be the letter 'C'. I chose this random letter because I saw this post today and it had some cute ideas! So I might as well 'borrow' them!

Make It Monday
Use play doh and COOKIE CUTTERS to CUT out shapes! John hasn't used play doh before, so it should be interesting. I may even make some edible play doh so I don't have to worry about him eating it. (We are also trying out a gym so he can test his COORDINATION!)

Tasty Tuesday
Make CUPCAKES and COLOR the batter with food COLORING. John is allergic to eggs (BOO!) so I have been dying to try out a new box mix that is egg free. Guess we will see how that turns out!

Welcome Wednesday
Play group with friends- share the CUPCAKES we made! We can also COLOR in the afternoon.

Tidy up Thursday
ummmm...CLEANING is fun?????? Maybe we can CLEAN his COZY COUPE outside. :)

Fun Friday
Play with John's CARS! Make races with the little cars. Make an obstacle COURSE with his big car.

***Here are some pics from last week's 'Red Week'. We painted with red ice cubes and painted with red sidewalk paint!***


  1. I love how you have your 'theme days' within the 'theme week'! Looks like a fun week with letter C!


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