Jul 14, 2010

The Nursey is {almost} DONE!!

Woohoo!!! Baby Matthew's room is DONE! If he was born tonight, the room is ready for him. Not so sure about mommy and daddy, but the room is ready! Here is the big reveal!

Let's reach back into our memories and remember what the room looked like before...

...and think back to all the hard work Brad did on the walls and the craftiness I did on recovering a bumper and night light shade.

And now, walking in the room, this is what you see:


After seeing some cute painted oars in a Pottery Barn catalog (I think!), my dad got some oars at Academy and painted and distressed them for me. Aren't they super cute?!

I love how the bumper turned out and how the crib looks. I know the ribbons look weird right now- I didn't feel like re-tying them for the pictures. My mother-in-law took the bedskirt (which is from John's old crib) and added a stripe of the plaid material across the bottom. Unfortunately, you can't see it right now since the mattress is raised so high. But I promise she did a fabulous job on it!

I found the cute sail boat mobile from Target. I had originally thought I would make my own sail boats and attach them to John's old mobile. I quickly realized it would be WAY easier to buy it instead!

I love this chair from John's room (so glad we decided on a blue chair and not boring beige!) and I love it being next to the sunny window. My mom found the anchor pillow on sale at Restoration Hardware and once I made my own pillow form and stuffed it, it is perfect in the room. I found the little fish table at Kohl's on sale and once I used a coupon it was about $8! Can't pass that up!

Another great find was this boat-shaped shelf from Craigslist. I love that it was already navy and even though it is a little scratched up, it looks perfectly distressed for the room. I am not thrilled that it is yellow on the inside, but repainting it wasn't priority so I am leaving it for now. It is perfect for the little pails for storage! (The shelves are not totally done either- I am not in love with how it is set up but I will probably wait until the baby gets here to know how I really want everything to be accessed.)

So, there is a huge blank spot on the wall above the dresser. I am ordering a wooden sign from Go Jump In The Lake on Etsy (you can see it in the link!) so once I get it, my dad is framing it with reclaimed baseboards and we will hang it up over the changing table. It is going to say 'Lake Matthew' so I am so excited about it! It is really simple and will be perfect for the room. I can't wait to get it!

My mom and dad found this cute mirror made from an old port hole. It even opens so I really want to put a picture behind it or paint a 'M' on the wall so there is a little surprise when you open it. haha! :)

Last but not least, here is the night light that I recovered. Love how it turned out too!

And there we have it...an {almost} finished nursery just in time for Matthew's arrival!


  1. Yay it looks REALLY great!!!! :) Way to go.

  2. How precious!!! You did a great job!! ...can't wait until Matthew arrives!

  3. Ooooooooooh I hope you do something with the porthole and share it!! I love the idea...

  4. I am stopping by from the 733 link party.

    Your nursery is adorable! I totally love the bookshelf and your dad did a great job on the oars!

  5. Looks good!! :) Not much longer to meet the kiddo!

  6. LOVE the oars on the wall!! looks awesome! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post. (ps. I have 2 little boys, no girls either - that was made for a great tutu drive that sends dress up clothes to seriously ill children. You could always make one for that :] )

  7. What a sweet space. You can't go wrong with a nautical theme.


  8. Everything is really cute! The boat shelves are a GREAT find.

  9. Love the room! All of your (your family's) hard work paid off! It looks great!

  10. This is ADORABLE! Such a cute nursery!!

    Thanks for your comment on my twine wreath tutorial. I have actually made a full wreath of coffee filters as well, not sure if it is like your sister, and it does take a while.

  11. What a cute room! It is so nice that your family is helping you. The boat shelving is great!

  12. i love the nautical theme! y'all did a fantastic job.

  13. Thanks for joining us for another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  14. I love a nautical theme especially when it's tastefully done like yours. You did a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade! I love it!



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