Jul 24, 2010

Family Weekend!

Since Matthew will be here on Thursday (as in FIVE days from now!) we decided to have a 'family weekend' and try to do fun things with John before the chaos begins.

Friday we started out with a super fun doctor appointment for John and then headed to Frisco Commons park. John played on the playground for a little while and then we hit up the splash area. John LOVED the splash area...Brad and I loved it too because it is the only place we have found so far that we can sit and watch John run around. Usually we have to be following him everywhere he goes to make sure he either doesn't run off somewhere or fall some playground equipment!

After lunch at Chick-fil-A (free coupons!) and naps, Brad and John baked chocolate chip cookies together. We used an egg free mix that weren't too bad. Just like when we made cupcakes, John didn't care about eating the cookies once they were baked. What a silly kid!

We finished off the day with a little pool time in the back yard. And yes, John was in the nude. :)

Saturday morning we made colored pancakes. While I was mixing up the colors, I gave him a bowl of water to mix up (I knew he would make a huge mess if I gave him the actual batter!) and he kept drinking the water with his spoon. haha! This was a yummy egg-free pancake recipe I found online that we tried out during the week. Although John liked it on Wednesday, he didn't want to eat his 'J' pancake this morning. Again, he is a silly kid!

After hanging out and relaxing in the morning, we went to the library to get some new books to read and then went to Build-A-Bear. This was John's 'Big Brother' gift since he LOVES his Brown Bear. So he now has Black Bear! I was shocked that with all the bear outfits they had, they didn't have any big brother or big sister shirts! So, I got the most plain shirt I could find (which was a really cute hoodie!) and I am going to try to paint or sew 'Big Brother' on the shirt to make it personalized for John. {check back to see how that project turns out!}. And you can tell from the pictures of me, I am freaking HUGE! and very uncomfortable!

We finished off Saturday with Chili's (horrible service but again we had coupons and gift cards) and once John was asleep Brad and I had our own little date night! We made dessert and then relaxed in the pool. Tomorrow's plans are to make donuts for breakfast from bicuits (egg free!) and then hang around the house. I think I am done with running around- way too big and starting to be painfully uncomfortable. I am soooo looking forward to Thursday! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a fun family weekend! I'm impressed you're going to make donuts!! Can't wait to meet matthew on thursday!! Oh and we let B swim naked too. :)

  2. I love fun photo essays and this is fun...looks like a great time!!

  3. Fun weekend!! I need some colored pancakes :)

  4. What a fun weekend! Congratulations on your new baby boy coming on Thursday!!


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