Jul 16, 2010

'The Letter C' Week in Real Life

Today was our last day for 'The Letter C' Week. Here were our original plans. We kind of didn't quite follow exactly, so I thought I would share what we really did.

We tried to use cookie cutters to cut out shapes from play doh. I made edible play doh using the recipe found here. I tried to make only a half batch but I must have messed up somewhere because it didn't really hold a shape well and was kind of crumbly. I should have used play doh because John never tried to eat it and it was kind of messy to make. Anyways, he started to get into after a while and liked using the cookie cutters. Next time, I need to make sure I have a better selection of cookie cutters because all I had was Christmas shapes which was kind of boring.

We made cupcakes using a dairy and egg free box mix. John is allergic to eggs so I thought we would see if tasted any good. It was pretty decent- a little bland but not bad if you have allergies. This was a REALLY messy activity especially when John spills melted butter all over the floor! He like decorating the cupcakes afterwards with sprinkles which was another huge mess on the floor. And after all that work, he didn't even want to eat the cupcakes! What a silly kid!

While the cupcakes were baking, I gave him some clothes pins to see if he could clip them to the edge of a cup. Well, turns out he can't! :) He couldn't quite get the hang of squeezing one end with one hand. I tried to get him to just put the clips on the edge upside down so he wouldn't have to squeeze them open, but he wasn't interested and found something else to play with. :)

For another activity, I had some different sized clovers from my classroom decorations. So, we tried to sort them by size: large, medium, and small. No such luck there. Then I tried to make a pattern on the floor and see if he could finish it. Again, no such luck. He was interested in stacking them up for about 2 minutes and then went to find some books. Oh well- I tried!

Last but not least, we cleaned his cozy coupe car outside today. He liked using the sponge for a little while and then again wasn't interested and we played in the pool instead.

So, that is how our week went. I love doing activities with John and now I just need to find ones that are age appropriate! Although this isn't connected with our c week we went to see a group called Vocal Trash at the mall {for FREE!} on Thursday which was a cute show. If they are near you, it is worth checking them out!

check out 1+1+1=1 for more ideas!


  1. Looks like a fun week! You're way more organized than me ... makes me feel like a bad Mom! I def. don't have weekly (or even daily) activities planned. Maybe I'll get on that. :)

  2. Great C ideas. I have had weeks where my little one was not interested in anything as well. For playdough, I just made the recipe on Pink and Green Mama and it turned out excellent. I am planning on making some more next week. I posted my adaptations in my blog post this week, and it is still going strong after a week of hard play. (No crumbly mess either!)

  3. He is so cute! What great activities -& even Christmas cookie cutters are fun :)
    Have a great day!


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