Jul 5, 2010

Recovered Crib Bumper

I finally finished the crib bumper for Baby Matthew's room! This was a relatively easy project that just too me longer than it should have. Lots of little unexpected 'challenges' with this project.

So, I started with this:

My sister found this gorgeous bumper at a garage sale for about $4. I figured it was perfect for me to recover and in the perfect price range considering I would only use it for about 2 months. {We didn't even have a bumper with John but I convinced Brad to let me use one with Matthew!} I also bought red bias tape for the trim of the bumper (dumb choice = challenge #1).

I found this plaid material at Joann's (used a coupon!) and immediately measured the bumper and started cutting to make the slipcover. Then I decided I had better make sure the bumper fit the crib before I sewed and realized the bumper wasn't long enough for the crib. It was the strangest thing! So, there is challenge #2- had to add a section to the end of the bumper with scrap material and stuff it with filling. This means I also had to add a section of material to my already-cut slip cover.

Once the bumper was the correct length and the cover was sewn (which was super easy since it was just one long rectangle), I decided I hated the red bias tape AND it was only single fold and I needed double fold. Had to go back to the store to buy navy bias tape and buy navy ribbon for the ties.

Challenge #3 was even with my exact measurements {or maybe more like estimated measurements} the cover was slightly too short for the bumper by about 2 or 3 inches. Lovely. But I made do and just shoved the bumper in the cover, sewed it up, and called it a day!

Here is how it turned out!

It is on the crib and once I buy a coordinating sheet and finish up the room, I will be showing off the final result. So far the room is looking SO cute and I can't wait for it to be done!


  1. I left you an award on www.jessielynnsmith.com

  2. WOW!! I am so impressed with this transformation!! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I think you did a great job! Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!


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