Aug 2, 2011

Toddler & Baby Activity

I saw a post on The Activity Mom a while back (at least I think that is where is where I saw it!) that said to have a baby crawl over a pillow as a fun activity. Well, Matty B went straight from sitting in one spot to climbing on everything a couple months ago. So instead of one pillow, I threw all the pillows we had (and all our couch cushions...and blankets) into a huge pile on the living room floor. Then I told John and Matthew to have fun climbing Pillow Mountain.

Boy, did they LOVE this one! Matthew loves to climb so he was in heaven on Pillow Mountain. John just likes to run around like crazy so he would run up one side and then roll down the other...or jump from the ottoman to the pile of pillows (which totally gives me a heart attack!) This entertained the boys for a solid 30-45 minutes which is great for those afternoons before dinner when you want to rip your hair out because the kiddos are getting into everything they aren't supposed to. Plus it helps get their energy out when it is too hot to go outside! I love summer time but it is too dang hot in Texas!

Here are some very blurry pics of the kids as they played. So hard to get a good action shot!

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  1. So glad this activity was a hit at your house like it was at mine. And you are right, it is perfect for that "pull out your hair" time of the day. =)

  2. They look like they are having an absolute blast. I think I have some pillows I can throw on the floor!


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