Aug 10, 2011

New Chore Calendar

So, I am onto Chore Organization #1204. So far I have found anything that I have been able to keep up with consistently. So, here is the next attempt...a la a Chore Calendar.

I decided that I didn't necessarily need to dust the boys rooms every Monday or dust the living room every Tuesday. I could probably spread some chores out maybe every 8 or 9 days which lets me add in other chores that were NEVER being done like cleaning windows, cleaning baseboards, wiping all the cabinets down, etc. Then I realized chores such as mopping the floor in the kitchen needs to be done more regularly.

So I spaced things out on a calendar (2 months at a time). I tried to limit my day's chores to only 2 or 3 things so I could actually accomplish my list in one day. Cleaning with kiddos at home is VERY defeating because when you are cleaning one area, they are making a huge mess in another place in the house. Or you mop the floor and at the very next meal they spill their food everywhere.

After three weeks, I also realized I need to update my chores every couple a weeks to catch things I didn't get to or change how frequent a certain chore needs to be done. Even in just a short a couple weeks, I feel like is working better than my previous cleaning schedule. I am still not getting everything done, but like Brad says 'I am a wonderful Mommy, but sometimes my housekeeping skills are lacking'. I am trying though! And until I start tutoring so I can pay for a housekeeper, I will continue to try my best to keep up with keeping my chores!!!

So, how do you organize your chores?

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  1. Sent this to kelly as a suggestion. Didn't work. I'm still in charge of chores.

  2. Fly Lady the cleaning queen. Her method is fantastic and super easy. My house would not be even within the vicinity of clean without her ways. Good luck and happy cleaning! :)


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