Aug 3, 2011

On To The Next Party...

This past weekend we had Matthew's 1st Birthday party. And even though I would like to take a month to grieve that my precious baby is a baby no more, I have the next party to plan!

What party, you ask? No, not mine even though my birthday is this month. No, not the Halloween party we hold at my house most years. No, not a Thanksgiving party. JOHN'S 3RD BIRTHDAY PARTY which is in DECEMBER! Woohoo!

So, maybe I am planning a little early. But I saw this post last month and knew exactly what I wanted the theme to be. (well, I already had a theme, but this picture helped me set that theme in stone!)

I am not telling the theme yet, but any guesses?!

and don't you worry your pretty little head. I will be posting about the fabulous pirate party soon!
I link up to these parties!


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