Aug 19, 2011

For ME Friday - More than a Kitchen

Well, this isn't a tangible For Me Friday project, but more of a meaningful one. My friend, Kendra, is hosting a contest on her facebook page. The contest is enter a photo that would fit the theme 'Kiddos in the Kitchen'. Whoever gets the most votes wins a child apron and possibly some baking goodies. Very fun! Please go vote for John HERE.

So, I went searching through my old photos trying to find something worthy of sending in. Well, I realized that our kitchen is more than a place for making a meal. The kitchen means much much more at our home.

Even before having the boys, I remember having date nights in which Brad and I made dessert together and then watched a movie on the couch. He makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies so these are still some of my favorite dates with him.

Once we had the boys, the kitchen has turned into the action zone. This is where we bake together for special occassions and holidays. Brad is teaching the boys how to make the famous Brown chocolate chip cookies already! I love having started traditions with my family, such as making Easter Bread, that I loved doing as a child with my family. I truly enjoy the times we bake just for fun (or if it fits the tot school theme!). John doesn't actually eat what we make, but that is just more for me to feel guitly about eating.

This is where I started doing tot school with John. We have done many a lesson here with lots of messy arts and crafts. Matty B joined us when he was just a baby, although he slept through much of it! He continues to be part of the action even if all he can do is chew on a spatula or play with the measuring cups...or make art work with his food.

We thankfully are one of those dorky families who eat all our meals together as a family. Well, obviously Brad isn't with us at breakfast and lunch during the week, but you get my drift. I love having a relaxing breakfast with the boys every morning. (Is it really possible to have a relaxing meal with two toddlers?). John will NOT branch out of his morning breakfast so the boys have a plain waffle and yogurt EVERY morning. Matthew gets some fruit and sometimes Cheerios because he will eat anything. However, I don't really feel like making 3 different breakfasts every morning so we kind of go with what John wants. Sometimes we make pancakes but that is adventureous as John gets. Either way, I love seeing their messy faces each morning as we start the day together. I love seeing their messy faces at night when we are a family of four and sharing stories of the day.

So after looking at HUNDREDS of photos I have saved on an external hard drive, I think that the kitchen in this house is one of my favorite rooms and will hold many many special memories to me.

Do you have a favorite room in your in your home that has special meaning to your?

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