Aug 30, 2011

Toddler Art Tuesday - Baking

Last week we did baking themed activities for tot school. So I wanted to match up our Toddler Art Tuesday activity to the theme. Since we were baking and decorating cupcakes, I connected the activity to the book 'Cupcake' by Charise Mericle Harper. It is a pretty cute book and John wanted me to read it to him 429 times last week.

Before my nieces came over, I had the boys make chef hats for our baking adventures. I cut a strip of white paper and let them color it. John made all of 3 lines claiming he drew a hat and Matthew didn't color his at all. Typical! I guess I should cut Matthew some slack considering he is 13 months. :)

Then I wrapped the strip around each boy's head to get the size right and taped into a circle.

Lastly I taped some tissue paper to the inside of the paper strip to creat the top of the hat.

The BEST part was after all that work (taping is hard work!) John wouldn't wear his. Again, typical.

Once the girls came over we made icing from scracth and then decorated cupcakes. Bella's turned out...interesting. I think she used the entire bottle of sugar sprinkles on her three cupcakes.

Notice that Bella has a cute chef's hat. That is because I sewed it for her as a Christmas gift. :) My poor boys are slighted sometimes, huh?

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  1. What great activities! Those chef hats rock! I am going to have to make some with my girls for pretend play.

    I am a new follower from Link and Learn from No Time for Flashcards. If you have a moment please come by and say hi.


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