Aug 14, 2011

Best Artist in the Ocean

We kind of did some more ocean activities this week (continuing last week's theme). Nothing just super amazing, but I will share what we did anyway. :)

I think my favorite activity of the week was an art project that was connected to the book "I'm The Best Artist in the Ocean". This book is about a giant squid who is painting in the ocean. It turns out he is panting on a giant whale the whole time. So after we read that book for the millionth time, I cut out a whale and had John paint with his water colors. It was realy cute!

We also did an art project with my niece Bella which I will explain more during my weekly Toddler Art Tuesday post.

While Bella was over, they played with the Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing puzzle. John loves this puzzle.

I printed out some octopus puzzles from Confessions of a Homeschooler. John did really well on this one- I think it was too easy for him. It is amazing how he is all of a sudden able to do full jigsaw puzzles on his own now. I guess things just 'click', huh?!

Also from COAH, John sorted lower case and upper case F's.

So like I said, nothing just mind shattering, but at least we did something slightly productive during the week. I just finished setting up this week's activities. I am going with T is for Transportation since I know I have TONS of toys for that theme.

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  1. hahaha, we did an activity with this book too, that's why I went ahead and posted that other guest post. We even used water color in our too, but I had my boys draw pictures with black crayon in the whale first. That is so funny! You'll have to stop by later today after I have my post up about it. I love these books.

    I didn't realize I wasn't a follower on your blog. I am now and can't wait to explore it more. You have some awesome ideas I am going to love to use.


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