Aug 24, 2011

How Their Brain Works

Well, I don't actually know how John's brain works. However, I did catch him doing this on his own:

He did an ocean themed jigsaw puzzle...

...and then pulled up another ocean puzzle and matched up the pieces.

So cute! I had no hand in this. He did this all unprompted. (It is a great idea too so I may have to use this idea during tot school! haha!) So, it is crazy to think of how their little brains work and what connections they are making as they play! It also makes you remember that they need that play time to explore and learn on their own. It definitely is a fun time to be around John and it is amazing to me how fast they learn and excel! It is during times like these that I am so thankful that I get to be home with my babies and experience this learning with them.

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