Jan 25, 2011

Workout Wednesday #2

Here are some new workouts to try!

1. Start with legs shoulder width apart and light weights in hands with arms down. Complete calf raises with arms extending up at sides, arms stopping at shoulder height and palms pointing down. To make it harder, stand at the end of a step with heelings hanging off the back. Do 3 sets of 10.

2. 'goal post’- Start next to step with left foot resting on the step and arms in a 'goal post' position, holding light weights. As you step up on your left foot, arms press up from goal post to shoulder press and right leg goes to a small side lift with flexed foot. Do 10 reps and switch sides. Do 3 times.

3. 'Change Mind' lunges- Lunge forward with your right leg and then 'change mind' and immediately move to a back lunge with your right leg going back. Your left leg will remain stationary. Do 10 times and then switch sides. Do 3 sets.

4. Lunge kicks- Start with feet together, then lunge back with your right leg. On the way back up, kick front with the right leg (like a fun karate kick!!) and land back in a back lunge position. Repeat 10-15 times and then switch sides. Do 3 sets.

5. Squat with a big balance ball in hands straight out in front of you. On way up lean ball up to right (over your head) and leg lift to side with left leg. Do 10-15 times and switch sides. Do 3 sets.

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  1. Aiming to get back into shape. So, great suggestions. I have started yoga and TRX classes and loving them! Kerri


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