Jan 9, 2011

S is for Snowman - lesson plan & activities

I thought I would go in alphabetical order for the Letter of the Week with John, but I even just on our second week I changed my mind! :) So, we moved right along to letter S this week because I wanted to do a snowman/winter week while we were still in the winter season. And how appropriate is it that it SNOWED today in Texas!? John has been reading his 's' books this weekend about snow and snowmen so it was perfect that he got to play in the snow today and make his very own snowman with Daddy!

Here are my plans for this week:

I used some activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler and I found a super cute unit from Musings of Me. Mrs. Home Ec also had some great snowman ideas that I am borrowing this week!

Here is what I added or how I will modify:

1. Snowman Numbers: I printed out #1-10 and we will count out big marshmallows to match each number. Then we can eat them! I hope John likes marshmallows since he hasn't had them before. :)

2. Spell Snowman: I am again printing out two copies of 'snowman' for John to practice matching the letters to make the word. We did this with apples last week and I was impressed that by the end of the week John knew what the word was when he saw it or if I spelled it outloud for him. I left the word up on his pocket chart and one day he saw the word apples on a book and ran back to the pocket chart and said 'A-P-P-L-E-S apples!' I was so impressed! (my snowman word is at the end of this post!)

3. Winter crafts: My sister and I had thought about signing our kids up for an arts & crafts class at a local rec center. But we figured we could do our own crafts for way cheaper. So she is coming over this week so the kiddos can do a winter craft together. I am so excited! I happened to find this site over the weekend with a bunch of great crafts. It will be hard to choose just one!!

4. 5 Little Snowmen: Using the 5 Little Snowmen poem from Mrs. Home Ec, I printed out 5 snowmen, laminated, and added magnets. I will use these on the fridge while we read the poem so we can take off the snowmen along with the story. (my snowmen are at the end of this post!)

5. Play with Winter Clothes: just like it sounds! I am going to take out some hats, gloves, and scarves for us to play with. Maybe we will dress up his stuffed animals? Have John practice putting them on and off all by himself? We will see what he does with this one!

6. Snowman Snacks: We are going to make snowmen with the marshmallows, pretzels sticks (arms), and chocolate chips (eyes, mouth, buttons). We might be able to do this with a banana too!

7. I am using the letter s & pegs again this week. John did well with it last week and enjoyed trying to get tall towers with the pegs!

We will play with white play-doh, a Mellissa & Doug snowman stacker, practice pouring our snow (white beans), and listen to the song Frosty the Snowman. I also signed up John for a class called Kidokinetics at the rec center and I am so glad I did! He really enjoyed it last week since he basically got to run around for 45 minutes! Plus I just kind of forget you need to teach the kids how to do things like step side to side, gallop, take big long steps, etc.

Books we are reading:

Extras if you want them:

Want MORE snowman ideas? Check out Hart 2 Hart. They did some super cute stuff too! Love her snowman meals! (and everytime I read her blog, I am amazed at how much they get accomplished! I think it would take us about 3 weeks to do all that stuff. I am hoping she doesn't have a 5 month old to take care of as well so that way I don't feel too bad!! hehe!)

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  1. Cute ideas! We just did snowmen last week in our Mommy and Me class. We had a really fun time with an indoor snowball fight. :) http://preschoolbookclub.blogspot.com/

  2. Fun week! We had some very unusual snow where we live over Christmas. That never happens. Too bad I wasn't prepared to do snow tot school then. Too busy playing in it I guess. LOL

  3. Love the snowman and love that you are using a lesson plan too! Good for you! Kerri

  4. Thanks for the "plug!" I just have one tot at the moment and am a first grade teacher turned stay at home mom, and my hubby is gone a LOT for his job, so I have a lot of time to plan and do stuff with my little one right now. HOWEVER, we will be adding a little one to our family in June, so I am SURE all that will drastically change this summer! :) Hope that makes you feel better. :)


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