Jan 17, 2011

Winter Accessories Playtime

We are a bit behind on our 'S is for Snowman' week so I am extending it a couple days. We get so busy some mornings going out to meet friends or run errands and John has been taking long naps in the afternoon so school time sometimes is in short supply!

Instead of sharing the week's plans (check back here for the letter S lesson plan!) I am going to share our 'playing with winter clothes' activity. It turned out really cute and John played for about 20 minutes on this one.

I took out John's gloves, mittens, & hats and my gloves, hat and scarf. It is kind of funny that we had so many gloves when we live in Texas and hardly need them!

First we practiced putting the items on. John definitely needs practice with getting dressed so this was perfect for him. We even dressed up some of his bears!

Then I said 'Let's play a game with the gloves!' and John said 'matching!'. Haha! It was so cute that he knew what we were going to do before I said it! I taped a string across the back of his chairs and used clothes pins to pin one of each glove and mitten. Then I handed him the other glove/mitten and he had to pull off the match. He had so much fun and we did this two or three times. He also loved trying to get the clothes pins back on the string and has finally started to figure out how to squeeze the pins and be able to clip them onto something. That is an improvement for him since the last time we tried to use clothes pins!

If I had been more prepared, this would have been a perfect craft to go with this activity! Maybe next time...

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  1. love the clothesline activity and all that it takes for little fingers to do it. i saw you linked up to frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails blog, i don't know that one. i tried to find a link to ck it out but didn't find one. will you send me the link? sounds like a fun blog we'd like.....being all boys.

  2. Clothespins do not go to well in our home yet but it looks like a great idea. Maybe one day I will try the line with E. Kerri


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