Jan 20, 2011

Another Valentine's Day Find!

Matthew and I had fun plans on Monday that involved going to Walmart! Don't be jealous of our exciting day out. :) While I was walking around looking for things I didn't really need to buy (and I can only do that kind of lazy shopping when John isn't with me!) I saw these heart cookie cutters.

I thought they would be perfect to use with John in several different ways so they seemed like a good deal considering they were relatively cheap. Here is what I thought of so far...

1. Put in order from biggest to smallest.
2. Put them in order by nesting them. (maybe use only 3 hearts at first and then add in more?)
3. Use them to make hearts in play doh.
4. Bake cookies with them!!
5. Make art prints by using them as stamps.
6. Make hooks out of pipe cleaners and go fishing for hearts.
7. Float them in a bowl of water and practice spooning them out with a slotted spoon.

What else could we do with these???

I link up to these parties!

I link up to these parties!

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