Jan 27, 2011

Library Resource!

Do you visit your local library often? We go to the Frisco library and LOVE IT! They have the best baby and toddler storytimes. I took John when he was only about 2 months old and was so impressed with the Babies and Books session. That is where we started up on sign language, finger plays, and nursery rhymes. Plus I love seeing what books they pick for us to read since we read the ones at home over and over again about a billion times.

We now go to the toddler storytime and although I like the baby session better, John loves storytime and asks to go to the library. I thought I would share the link to their handouts today. Each week has a different theme with a couple books listed and some songs or rhymes. So, if you are trying to plan a specific theme for your tots, this might be a starting point for brainstorming!

Hopefully a library near you has similar programs and have some of their material posted online as well. If you have a link handy, I would love for you to share!

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  1. We're so pleased you like our programs and handouts! We'd love to hear more from you!


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