Jan 4, 2011

CD Suggestions?

In our house, we listen to Laurie Berkner Band often. I love her songs! :) But I want to try some new CDs out. Everytime I go to the library I get so overwhelmed at all the kid CDs they have that I usually walk away without checking anything out. So, does anyone have a CD their kids love to listen to? Any good suggestions for me?

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  1. We check out a lot of Veggie Tales CD's from the library but our favorite one was Bob and Larry's Backyard Party. So many times when we listen to CD's we tend to like one or two of the songs. This CD we liked many and no one complained when the whole CD played on and on. It's a fun one.

  2. We love Caspar Babypants. I dont know if they have him in libraries, but we have 2 of his CDs that we got as gifts from my sister and she loves them.

  3. For the Kids and Putumayo Presents are two CD's with a fabulous mix of artists. You can check them out and then maybe pinpoint to a single artist from there. Or enjoy them all:-) Kerri


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