Jan 3, 2011

Letter A Lesson Plan & Activities

This is our first week trying out my new grand plans of using the Letter Of The Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler. So I thought I would start sharing my weekly lesson plans and anything I am creating and adding in on my own.

Here are my plans:

What I added to LOTW:

**Spell Apple** I will cut out one of the 'apple' words and leave it whole. Then I will cut up the second 'apple' so that I have all the individual letters cut out. Using the first 'apple' as a guide, John will match up the letters to spell out apple. We have done this a couple times using a pocket chart and he really enjoys it!

**Feed Apples to Horse** Check out this post on the directions!

**Peg Letters** I bought a set of these foam letters and stacking pegs off craigslist. Unfortunately when I got home, I realized it only had 25 letters. Boooo. {note to self: check items CAREFULLY before buying them off craigslist!} Regardless, we will practice putting the pegs in the holes on the letter a! I like that it is a set of lower case letters so we get some practice with both types of letters.

**Sorting by Size** After I cut out the different sized apples, John can sort them into three piles: small, medium, and large

**Pick Apples** I have some apples die-cuts that are for bulletin boards (I got them a while ago at the Dollar Tree), so I will write lower case and upper case a's on them and hang them on the wall. John will pick the apples off the wall and sort them into two different baskets.

**Fingerpaint** I found a coloring page online (sorry- don't have that one to share!) and we will finger paint using our new paints from Aunt Em (yeah!!) and on our new table from Santa. (I am hoping to get to the store before Friday to get some oil cloth and make a cute table cloth because I am so worried about our new table getting all dirty right away! haha!)

**Books** I checked out several apple or 'a' books from the library and we started reading them over the weekend:
1. How Do Apples Grow?, Maestro
2. Our Apple Tree, Nashund
3. Apples, Gibbons
4. Apple Tree, Saunders-Smith
5. Ten Red Apples, Hutchins (John loves this one!)
6. Picking Apples, Saunders-Smith
7.The Aunts Go Marching, Maurie J. Manning (this one is cute and I am going to try to make some type of activity to go with it!)
8. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Martin

The other activities (fine motor and real life) are pretty self-explanatory! :)

Here are the files I made. Feel free to use!

Did you do any activites or ideas to share for the letter A? :)

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  1. Love these ideas...especially the feed the horse activity! We'll have to try that!

  2. These are some great letter A ideas. We love doing LOTW activities!

  3. I like the size sorting activity . Although the world "apple" starts with j in Polish ( jabłko)I will use them when we get to J. Thanks for sharing. Love from Poland Ewa

  4. I forgot to tell you that I'm following you :-) Have a nice day.


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