Jan 21, 2011

Meal Cards

I stumbled upon Lunch It, Punch It and loved the idea! So I created a card for our family for lunch and dinner instead of just our lunches. (Lunch It, Punch It offers free cards too!) The goal is that we have to eat 10 dinners before we can eat out for dinner and 10 lunches before we can eat out for lunch. Brad and I are counting up our lunches seperately since we usually don't eat lunch together. Here is the card I made up that of course I will lamanite so we can check off the boxes and reuse when it is filled up. Brad said the only reason I made this is so I can laminate something. He may be right.

Here is a blank one if you want to use it and add in your names!

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  1. You make me smile. Brad is right - you would laminate everything that you could.

  2. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for blogging about our site! Its great how you've tailored it to fit your family's needs and making it work for you. Please share you're progress with us we'd really love to hear about how its going for your family.


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