Jul 31, 2011

P is for Pirate - tot school

John is 32 months

I am so proud of myself! I FINALLY got a real week of tot school stuff put together again. Since Matthew's birthday party was pirate themed, we did 'P is for Pirate' last week. We will probably continue it this week since we didn't quite get to everything.

A big thanks to 2 Teaching Mommies for sharing their great printables so there was very little work on my part!

The first activity we did was a do-a-dot P (although we used my old bingo daubers!). John hasn't done this type of activity in a while and he showed HUGE improvement with this! He was able to cover most of the dots whereas he used to just make dots all over the paper haphazardly. I was so proud! Then I asked him to try to make a P out of dots with a blank peice of paper and he did a pretty good job of making a P on his own! Very exciting!

We used the foam p and pegs. John only wanted to use green pegs. Matthew played with the pegs as well. He was so cute because he knew that the peg needed to go in the hole, but he didn't have the coordination to get it there!

I put play-doh in the shape of a P on a sheet of laminated paper. Then John used a peg to punch holes in the P. Very similar to the do-a-dot activity. I like that this also helps work on pre-writing skills and he is practicing making the shape of a P.

We did a pirate puzzle. I love that this was practicing numbers 11-20. John did pretty good with this although he lost interest in it before finishing all the pieces so I helped finish it.

I guess when I type it out, it doesn't seem like we did a whole lot, but we are SO busy that I am glad we can squeeze in even the little that we did! Hopefully this week we can do even more activities!

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  1. Good for you! That is a lot. I like the peg idea. I will have to look for one of those. Have fun with your pirates!


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