Jul 18, 2011

Fireman Activities - Week 2

This past week we did a couple more firefighter activities. Just a couple!

Using chalk, I wrote numbers and letters on our patio. Then I handed John a squirt bottle and said 'The number 8 is on fire!! Go put out the fire with your water!'. Then my little fire fighter would find the correct letter/number and squirt it with water. He really liked this and even asked for me to write more letters and numbers after he did it one time through.

While John practiced his fire fighting skills, Matthew tried his hand at coloring with chalk. He made maybe 2 marks and then tried to eat the chalk. :)

We ended our week (after doing little things like coloring, doing puzzles, playing with his train set ALL DAY LONG, etc) with a visit to a real fire truck! A friend from high school owns a company where you can 'rent' a fire truck for your birthday party. They had the fire truck out at a toy store as a promotional thing so we headed on over so the boys could check it out. It was really neat and John even got to help spray the hose! Very cool!

I link up to these parties!


  1. Super Tot was in heaven when we saw 3 fire trucks last night! I need to do a fireman week, too!

    I love how you had them practice putting out "fires" with the spray bottle. So cute!

  2. Fun!! Why doesn't have John have shorts on in most of his pictures?!?


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