Jul 10, 2011

Fireman Tot School

Last week we focused on firefighters for tot school. The main reason for this was our library offers 'storytime in a box' (a box with books, songs, dvds, flannel activities, etc for a specific theme) and fire safety was one of the few they had left to check out. Soooooo... firefighters it was!

Our week consisted of reading books on fire safety and firefighters, watching 2 dvd's on fire safety, playing with firetrucks, trying some firefighter patterns...

...and ended with making our own firetruck from a cardboard box! Brad cut the box up and John and I decorated it. It turned out really cute and the boys love crawling around in it.

We eventually added wheels, headlights, and a ladder but I don't have pictures of that yet! We will continue our fireman fun this week so I will share more later!

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  1. How neat that your library checks out learning boxes! I love the firetruck, too!

  2. Cute! We had fun with our fireman unit too. I like your firetruck-- very fancy!

  3. I love that he is wearing the firemen on his clothes as well. I love making things out of cardboard!!!

  4. So fun- love the firetruck !


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