Jul 7, 2011

Baby Shower Sneak Peek #2

Well, we are now just days until the big Build-A-Library baby shower!! So here is your second and last sneak peek!

My sister came over about a week ago so we could spend the day working on decorations. We got very little completed, but TONS started so I guess that is all that matters. Here is one of my favorites...

We found a canvas at the thrift store for super cheap. Of course it had some still life painting on it so we painted over that with white paint.

Then I used some pink fabric and covered the canvas using a staple gun.

I covered it with a layer of mod podge. While it was drying, we used the cricut to cut out letters from an old baby book we found at the thrift store. We used a quote from a Dr. Suess book. Using mod podge, we 'glued' down the letters and then added another layer of mod podge across the whole canvas to finish it off.

Dying to see the final (and dry!) product?! Want to know what we did with this?! Then check back next week to see how it fit in with the rest of the build-a-library baby shower!

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  1. So cute!! Can't wait for Sunday!!

  2. Oh, how cute ... I can't wait to see the rest of the shower!

  3. I totally love this, and I'm trying to do my own version for my sister's baby shower. What would you recommend for the fabric? I found two different sheets while shopping at Goodwill today, but I'm afraid it might be kind of heavy for the Mod Podge...do you think it would work, or should I head to the fabric store and find some light cotton?


    1. Hi Maggie! Well, I guess you could try the sheets first. I think there is a Mod Podge that is specifically for fabric so maybe that would work. I just used the regular Mod Podge but my fabric was pretty thin. I think since you are stapling the fabric to the canvas frame, you are really using the mod podge to glue the letters down and then give a top coat. So I think the sheets would be ok, but I am not an expert! :) Good luck!


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