Jul 6, 2011

Owl Softie {Tutorial}

Remember this little cutie???

Well, I am here today to show you how to make the easiest softie toy EVER! These are perfect for baby shower gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers, etc. Get ready to be amazed. (can you sense the sarcasm there?)

1. Find a cute print on a fabric. I used left over fabric from John's duvet cover.

2. Cut around the print you want. Leave about an inch around for seams and stuffing.

3. I added ribbons to mine. I pinned them so they were pointing towards the center of the owl. I wanted a loop at the top for hanging on a carseat and I wanted little flappy ribbons that looked like wings on the sides.

4. Pin face down to your back fabric. This was again a little piece from my scraps stash (which is getting bigger by the day I think!).

5. Cut out back piece of material using the pinned piece as a guide. I always cut a little extra on the back piece because I can't seem to sew neatly and I like the wiggle room of mistakes when the material moves around!

6. Sew around the edge of your print, leaving about a 2 inch opening.

7. Turn inside out.

8. Stuff with stuffing. I also put a little jingle bell in the center while I was stuff to make it THAT much better!

9. Sew up the opening and your are DONE!

Seriously, how easy was this?!

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