Jun 1, 2011

Easy Food Labels

About a month or two ago, I saw these plant stakes at Target in their Dollar Spot. Don't we all just love the Dollar Spot?!

I actually was looking around for stuff for John's tot school and these caught my eye because we were doing a gardening unit. However, I decided I could use these for when I have parties and want to label the food on the table. I have been been able to find any nice and reusable labels so I figured for a buck, I could see how this turned out.

So, I took the stakes, bent the wires backwards, used an overhead marker to write a food dish, and voila...a food label for my most recent NY themed party!

So, I kind of threw this party together last minute (as in printing stuff 30 minutes before my family showed up!) so the labels are pretty basic. However, I am sure with some craftiness, they could be SO cute! I think some ribbon will spruce them up for the next party I throw. All in all, not bad at 20 cents each!

I link up to these parties!

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  1. OHHH! How did I miss those!? Will have to check again and look at our Dollar Spot! What a great idea! I just took a tray of brownies to a party (half with and half without nuts) and had to use a post it note to say that! YOURS are SO much cuter!!


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