Jun 16, 2011

...and I Had The Time of My Life...

For those of you who don't know me well, (which is most of you!), I love love LOVE to dance. This is evidenced by my dance performance during my 8th month of pregnancy. :) Well, let's add this to the list: dancing in a FLASH MOB DANCE!

You probably won't be able to see me in the video. I am SUPER short...so...yeah...

The dance was organized through a dance workout class I go to at my gym, called Danceaton. I LOVE this class! I am super lucky that my mother-in-law watches the boys every Monday morning so I can go at 8:30 without having to take the boys. The teacher organized this dance performance, and it is the third one they have done.

Well, I talked to my best friend about possibly dancing in the flash mob dance, but I told her I might wus out because I didn't know anyone from the class and didn't want to stand around like an idiot not knowing what was going on. She said I should go and it would be a way to meet new people. So, I dragged my poor husband and kiddos in the 150 degree heat to watch me dance. I had a BLAST and I even befriended a super sweet lady from class! My new friend, Kendra, has a fabulous blog and even posted a video of our great performance. Go check it out here!

Seriously, Brad is a trooper! I owe him big time because he had to wait for an hour and a half with the boys to watch us dance for 4 minutes. A lot of miscommunication with the teacher and sound issues which led to to a slightly grumpy Brad and VERY sweaty boys. But I paid him back by visiting USS Yorktown with him last weekend in Charleston (which was equally hot but much more fun!).

I am so ready for the next performance! Next time Brad said he would just show up 1.5 hours late to watch me. :)

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