Jun 13, 2011

Toddler Art Tuesday

My sister, Allison, and I are still doing our weekly 'Toddler Art' playdates with our kiddos. Some weeks are more productive than others! Last week John and Bella each painted two paper plates with little sponge rollers I saved from Easter. This quickly turned into finger painting!

Then I took two paper plates, stapled halfway around the edges, filled with a small scoop of dry beans, and then continued stapling. Now each toddler has their very own musical shaker! So easy and John loves playing with his!

This week I actually have an activity planned that even Matthew can do so I am really excited! Check back next week and see what we are doing!

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  1. Beautiful! Those rollers look like a lot of fun! They did a great job with it. Nothing like beans to add some fun to our days. :)


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