Jun 9, 2011

my new obsession: Cricut + Vinyl!!!

I think my new obsession is going to be crafting with my new cricut that my mom bought for me. Well, she bought it for me and my sisters but that precious baby hasn't left my house yet. :) I promise I will share!! Just not quite yet.

I wanted to try out some crafts with vinyl, but it sure is pricey at the craft stores! So I ordered a couple yards from a sign company online along with transfer tape. The shipping was a tad high, but the supplies were WAY cheaper! As soon as I got the vinyl in the mail, pulled out the trusty cricut and started cutting.

And this is what I made!

OK, so I didn't actually make the soap pumps themselves; I just made them cuter! I got these soap pumps at Walmart for about $4 each a couple months ago. They are plastic and probably cheaply made, but I figured I couldn't go wrong trying them out for a total of $8. Every time I wash dishes I think 'These will be SO cute with vinyl labels!'. And I think they are SO cute with vinyl! The SCAL saved the day again by letting me use a font I already had on my computer. Sooooo glad I bought it!

Stay tuned for the next vinyl project coming up soon!!

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