Feb 20, 2011

Valentine's Activities {part 2}

We finished up our Valentine's and heart activities this week. We took a day to go to the Children's Aquarium with daddy, so we didn't get to all my planned activities. But, that is ok!! I will just save them for next year!

My favorite activity was putting stamps on envelopes and mailing them in John's little mail box. I got the envlepes from Musings of Me. I wrote numbers on heart stickers and John had to match the heart 'stamp' to the correct envelope before mailing the envelope. It was a really cute activity and John did really well with counting how many hearts were on each envelope and picked the correct stamp. John also surprised me and was able to take the back off the stickers on his own too!

I made a file folder game using Musings of Me's size sort activity. I think that John is just getting really bored with sorting stuff because he will do one or two pieces and either say 'no' or 'mommy do'. I tried to make up so new creative activities for this upcoming week so hopefully he will be more engaged and interested!

We used a letter jumble from Moo Moo's & Tutus. I called out a letter and John had to cover it with a heart sticker. You can see he did 5 letters and got bored. :)

We used kisses to fill in the dots to make an H using Moo Moo's & Tutus printable. John LOVES chocolate so this activity was a big hit since he could eat the chocolate after. (well, some of the chocolate)!

John again used kisses to cover all the h's on this page from Moo Moo's & TuTus. He did it perfectly in about 5 seconds since he knew he could have the chocolate. So I guess having the correct incentive is key for John to complete an activity! :)

We ended the week by visiting the Dallas Children's Aquarium. John really enjoyed the trip, as did Matthew. It wasn't too crowded so we spent a good hour walking around looking at all the fish, turtles, sharks, sting rays, etc. I wish places like the Aquarium weren't an hour drive from our house so we could go more often!

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  1. You've got yourself a smart one!! Looks like you had a super week, and I love the shark picture!

  2. Great week!! Looks like a really fun time at the aquarium. Have a good week! Kerri

  3. We went to the aquarium too! It was tons of fun!

    And I love the chocolate idea-- it'll be useful for Easter as well!


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