Feb 17, 2011

Scarf- on the TO DO list

Well, recently we had some crazy Texas weather. We had ice out the wazoo for three days and and then it snowed like crazy the fourth day! Very strange for Texas indeed, but we had so much fun! :) So I have to share some pictures...and a link to a SUPER cute scarf tutorial!

This was Matthew's first time in the snow! It snowed one previous time since he was born but I was too worried about taking him out since he was so little. But we bundled him up all cute and he didn't seem to mind being cold! We used cardboard for a sled and I tell you what- I had SO MUCH fun being pulled around on that thing! John was more interested in throwing snow balls at us.

Anyways, I saw this tutorial for the CUTEST scarf from Living with Punks.

Her stuff is amazing and I am only slightly biased since lots of her creations are for boys. And sidenote: are her sons not THE BEST LOOKING boys ever?!?! {well, besides John and Matthew of course!} This scarf has been on my to do list but I am going to use some of my old A&M shirts and make it for myself since I am pretty sure you don't put 2 year olds in scarfs. It is going to be so cute! I had thought 'I won't need a scarf again this year, so I won't make it yet. It will be for next year'. Well, looks like I certainly could have used it two weeks ago when I was playing outside with my favorite boys! I had better get to sewing because for all I know it will snow again next month...

Seriously- go check out Living with Punks. It won't disappoint!

**I am linking this post up to Embrace the Camera today! I love that she encourages moms to be in more pictures and ever since I saw the Embrace the Camera posts several weeks ago, I made an effort to be in the pictures with the boys regardless of how I looked. I am so glad I did too!**

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  1. that is crazy for texas right?!
    I heard every state had snow except for one!
    that's nuts!

  2. You look adorable in the sledding picture with your little man. Way to Embrace the Camera!!

  3. Cute pictures. We're in Houston and although it was cold and we got a little ice, we didn't get to see snow. Slightly jealous.

  4. Looks like a fun time! All the photos are great too!! Kerri


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