Feb 6, 2011

B is for Bear {part 2}

We finished up our letter B activities last week. There weren't quite enough activities to fill up the whole week, but since it was icy and snowy all week, we just took it easy and did activities when we felt like it!

We started by reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear which is one of John's favorite books. He can 'read' it to himself now since he has it memorized. Then we did the heads & tails puzzle (from 1+1+1=1) that matched the pictures from the book. He likes to pretend he can't put the puzzle together and have 'Mommy do'. Halfway through he will do it on his own and enjoys it. He came back to this activity a couple times. The last time he did it, he tried the whole 'Mommy do' again so I put the pieces together incorrectly and he would laugh and fix my mistake. It was cute! So after doing this puzzle a couple times throughout the week, he is getting much better at putting puzzles together! (well, two piece puzzles!)

We then colored a brown bear, brown bear book. (sorry- I don't remember where I found this one!!) He had to color each animal a certain color. This is the second week have to done this type of activity and he loves to scribble on each page!

I gave John a cup of gummy bears and used this sorting page from Creative Learning Fun. I thought he would really like this activity because he loves fruit snacks and figured he would like gummy bears. He wasn't very interested in sorting and then wouldn't even try a gummy bear! oh well! It was a cute idea though!

From the same blog as above, I used the gummy bear counting page and we counted out teddy grahams. He is still trying to get the one-to-one correspondence down, but at least was good at counting as I put out the teddy grahams. If I let him do it on his own, he would just count out a random number of crackers instead of trying to count the number on the page. :)

I found a wooden net with a magnet attached in a box of toys at my mom's house. I have no idea what toy it actually goes to, but I thought it looked like a butterfly net and would be perfect for this week! So I laminated some butterflies from Confessions of a Homeschooler, wrote 'B' or 'b' on them, and attached a paper clip. I put them out on the floor and John had to 'catch' the butterflies with his net. Once he caught them, we sorted them into two piles- upper and lower case. This was also great practice for fine motor skills since he had to hold the net so that it would catch the paper clip part of the butterfly.

Last but not least, we used these ABC cards (from 1+1+1=1) to put them in ABC order. John did surprisingly well with this and got the first couple cards in order without my help. Halfway through he got his fridge phonics toy and started matching up some of the letters and then just playing with the fridge phonics. It is so interesting to see how the kids relate what they are doing to something they have done before!

I am so excited for this week and next week- lots of Valentine's Day stuff, hearts, love...and hippos! :)

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  1. Very cute! I think you should do a post on your new teaching area for John! I know I'll see it next weekend but it would be fun to share what you've done!

  2. I love children activity pages!
    They are so fun

    The gummy bear counting page is so adorable
    and I love LOVE that you gave him teddy grahams
    they are the BEST:)


  3. You've got a smart one there!! What a fun week. LOVE the gummy bear activity!

  4. aw what cute activities! Looks like he is doing really well! My son is 3 in April and no way would he concentrate on stuff so well! x

  5. Great B week!! I love that you used the Teddy Grahams!! Kerri

  6. My daughter loves "reading" brown bear too. I love the actitives especially the Teddy Graham ones...yum!


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