Aug 15, 2012

Surfer Dude Party!

My sweet Matthew turned two a couple weeks ago and we have the MOST FUN surfer dude birthday party! We had just moved into our new house so I decided to make it a 'family only' party to minimize stress. This turned out to be one of the most fun parties I have thrown. Here's a little glimpse...

I used these invitations that I designed. I think they were cute and gave a surfer dude vibe to the party.

I had 'Matthew's Surf Shop' set up for the party favors. The kids dug into the leis and glasses immediately!

'Matthew's Snack Shack' was all set up in the kitchen. I tried to make food that you might get at a snack shack so we had sliders, french fries, mini corn dogs, chips & dip, and salad. It was VERY yummy!

The 'Beach Bar' had all the drinks, including Longboard and Land Shark beer that I found at Walmart.

I made a banner using photo shop and hung it over the gift table.

Since it is extremely hot in Texas and the party was at the end of July, we ate first and then headed outside for the water games when the sun was not blazing. I bought water guns and squirters for an all-guest water fight which was fun. I also had frisbees in the pool with sponge bombs so the kids could try to throw the sponges onto the floating frisbees. That game did not go over well and was pretty much ignored!

The best part of the party was playing with the slip and slide. The oldest kids at the party were 3 years old and they didn't quite get the hang of it. So, Uncle Tyler and Brad pushed the kiddos down the slide and they LOVED it!

Then we pulled out the inflatable surfboard that I got at Oriental Trading and the kids (and adults!) took rides on that. I was sad to miss out on the fun but I don't think a pregnant lady should be dragged across the ground on her stomach!

Lastly, we used the surfboard for an impromptu photo op for the cousins and then for each couple. They turned out really cute!

We skipped the traditional cake dessert and had an ice cream sundae bar set up (no pictures of that!) and it was a nice change of pace.

Like I said, we had a blast at the party!

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