Aug 22, 2012

Stache or Sash Gender Reveal Party

Last weekend we hosted a 'Stache or Sash' gender reveal party at our house. We had a great time with friends and family, which means I was too busy to take many pictures. I had these grande ideas of great pictures so I am sad that didn't happen. Oh well! So I am going to share a little of what we did and how we did the reveal.

These were the invitations I made up...and you can get them in my Etsy shop!

When the guests first arrived, they would grab a sticker for what their guess was. Most people thought I was having a girl! It was fun to see what people's guesses were.

Here is a shot of the food table...

I made these mustache and sash pops using candy molds I purchased on Amazon. They were a HUGE hit with the kids. I was worried no one would eat them, but the kids gobbled them up within about 2 minutes of the party starting.

So, for the actual reveal, I didn't want to do the same ol' thing I had seen on Pinterest over and over again. So that crossed off cutting into a cake, people getting tinted cupcakes, or using balloons. Instead, I made scratch off lotto tickets! How cute is that?! :) People would scratch off to see if they had three of a kind (three mustaches or three sashes). I made a couple different versions and there was only one winner. My mom got the winning ticket and was SHOCKED that I was having another boy. (if you are keeping count, this is our THIRD son!)

Here is Brad explaining the tickets to everyone...

My mom reading her ticket (SUPER blurry)...

My mom with the ticket...

Tomorrow I will share how I made the tickets, which was really easy, and will share the different card versions in case you want to make some on your own!

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  1. What a fun idea! I too am pregnant with my third boy. If we go for a fourth (ha!) maybe I'll have a gender reveal party too. Looks like you had a great time. :)

  2. This is adorable!! What a great idea! Found you through a linky party! :)


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