Aug 23, 2012

How To - Scratch Off Tickets

Like I said in my previous post, making scratch off tickets are really easy to do! Here is how I made the gender reveal tickets for the Stache or Sash party.

1. Print out your cards. (duh!) Here are the cards I used to make the tickets. I am also adding in the 'winning-girl' ticket, but I didn't actually use it since we are having a boy! Yes, they are sideways because that is how I had to print them to fit onto the business card template I used.

2. Use clear tape to tape over the space what is going to be the scratch off area. You can kind of see in this picture that I have the images all covered with tape.

3. Lay out all your cards so you can paint them. To make the paint, mix two parts paint with one part dish soap. You don't really need a lot of this if you are using a dark color. I used a plastic spoon and basically did 2 tablespoon of paint and 1 tablespoon of soap.

4. Paint over the images you want to be under the scratch off. The blue paint took one coat. The pink paint, however, took about 5 coats! So, if I had to do this again, I would always pick a dark paint color.

Let dry and DONE! See, super easy!

Here is what they looked like when they were done.

They scratch off really easily. Not like the real lotto tickets, but good enough for my purposes!

Here was the winning ticket! :)

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  1. These are awesome. Where i can get the best Scratch Cards Printing machine?

  2. Super excited to try this for our reveal in mid October. I just designed our own tickets and can't wait to get the painting done. :-)
    My plan is to take the "Girl" and "Boy" cards to the ultrasound tech in separate envelopes. She will throw away the one that is not applicable and give us back the one that is and we will integrate it into the pile of tickets our guests will scratch. That way we ALL find out together!!!

    1. I'll post the pictures on my blog October 12th (2013) if you would like to check it out!


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