Jan 12, 2012

Grocery Shopping with Toddlers

I always hear my friends say 'How do you shop with the boys? I can't get shopping done with my kids with me'. Well, I am no expert, but I found one trick that works with John (outside the obvious 'If you sit in the cart nicely, you can have a lollipop' bribe).

So, this is the oh-so-fancy trick. I make up different grocery list for John to keep up with while we are shopping. I am sure I am not the only one who does this, but I feel smart and that is all that matters! I usually make a list of 4-8 items and put little circles by each one. Then we take dot stickers with us and mark off the items as we find them. They aren't always items we actually need but it helps gives John something to do besides drive me crazy.

Here is an example:

I just get images either in word or on google and tada...a grocery list! I don't make this for every shopping trip but throwing it in every so often spices up our lives a bit. Guess we must have boring lives. :)

We also sing the 'Let's go to the Market, Let's go to the Store' song and practice signs for different foods. However, the signs I know is pretty limited, but it helps Matthew continue to be introduced to signs and John LOVES signing. I get a little embarassed that I sing at the store so I try to do it when no one is around.

So, what are your tricks to making grocery trips more bearable with kiddos?

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  1. Ha! I've also completely been that Mom who's singing to her kids in the grocery store to keep them happy and occupied. :) The things we do ...

  2. You can also have kids cut things from the ad ahead of time to hunt for on the trip (even if you don't buy it).

    A letter hunt is another idea.


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