Jan 15, 2012

Closet Redo

Last Friday I had the whole day to myself. My mother-in-law kindly took the boys for the day because my original plan was get massages with my sister and then do lunch. Well, she got sick so instead I worked out and then spent 3 hours tackling John's closet. His closet is such a mess because besides having his clothes in there, it houses all our tot school stuff, old baby stuff, my craft stuff, and other random items. Needless to say, once one or two items are out of place, there is a snowball effect and his closet was a nightmare.

Here is what the nightmare looked like before I worked my magic.

Did anyone have a slight panic attack looking at that thing? It is terrible! Just junk EVERYWHERE!

I took almost everything out of the closet (and wish I had a picture of it because it was a sight to be seen!) I organized everything, tossed a bunch of junk, and moved some of the baby stuff to another room.

I was able to get rid of all this stuff...

...and now the closet looks like this!

So, you may be thinking 'It still looks mesy', but it is nice and organized and everything has a place. I didn't want to spend money to make it look awesome because we are hoping to move soon. I just wanted to make it more functional so that I could take things out and put things away without having to dig through the entire closet of contents!

I reorganized my tot school theme materials (farm animals, zoo animals, bears, apples, sports, transportation, fall, spring, etc). Then each theme went into a gallon sized plastic bag (or 2 bags) and I hung them on the rod with pants hangers. Now I have all that theme's material ready to go instead of hunting around in 5 different places in the closet for what I wanted. I am so excited about this because it is so neat and easy to use!

The Halloween bag is trying to escape!

Oh, pretty organized bags!

For some reason I had a TON of Valentine's Day stuff and Easter stuff. So, those went into boxes instead of bags and went above the bags.

Here are all the arts & crafts supplies. Matthew LOVES to color with markers so he is luck that we have a whole drawer full of them!

All the playdough was put in one box instead of 2 boxes and a plastic bag.

I put all the manipulative items in one spot (blocks, dry pasta, magnetic letters, etc).

What every boy needs at all times: back pack, sleeping bag, and breast pump. Wait...

I am happy with the results! I won't have a heart attack when I open John's closet and I am not afraid something will fall out onto my head. John can still get to his toys at the bottom of the closet but can't get into the tot schol stuff or make a mess with the paint supplies! Perfect...until we get the next house. :)

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  1. Wow! I aspire to be so organized! I love the bags and the hangers, what a great idea! I found you through Sew Can Do. Thanks for sharing! :)


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